Your Global Channel, Your Local Partner

ASPAC International Inc.


We are in the business of providing quality logistics service to the global market. In order to
accomplish this, we shall…

  • develop and continuously improve technology-based systems and solutions that will enhance
    the growth of our customers’ business.
  • develop and maintain multi-skilled and competent employees who will make quality service
    our competitive edge. In turn, we commit ourselves to their holistic development.
  • aim at giving and maintaining better than fair returns to our shareholders and investors.
  • maintain partnership with competent suppliers who share our values.
  • help maintain sustainable community development and ensure environment-friendly
    operations. In all these, we shall uphold ethical standards in the business. These we do for the
    glory of God, our country’s progress and ourselves.


Our Vision is for ASPAC to be the dominant, most responsive and pro-active bringer of
products from point of origin to point of consumption.